Brother Dear, Sister Dear: Shopping Trip (CREEPYPASTA)

By MissShadowLovely (2012)

Sister:  Brother, brother! There you are.

Brother: Why, sister dear… I wasn’t far.


Sister: I know you weren’t; but I was scared.

Brother: I wouldn’t leave you anywhere.


Sister: You see, the woods are dark at night!

Brother: I know that, silly girl.

Sister: I think we’ll give them such a fright!

Brother: We’ll let our plan unfurl.


Sister: Oh, there’s the house! Let’s go inside.

Brother: Give them a chance to run and hide?


Sister:  No, silly boy. We have to creep!

Brother: They’ll never hear us coming.

Sister: The little ones are fast asleep.

Brother: My blades are simply humming.


Sister: This one is dead and bleeding, oh!

Brother: This one is still awake.

Sister:  Quickly, brother! Silence him.

Brother: I will, for goodness sake!


Sister: Clean up the blood with sheets and socks.

Brother: Where should I put his vocal box?
Sister: Just put it in the jar I gave you.

Brother: What other organs shall I save you?


Sister:  Oh, I don’t know.. The eyes and heart?

Brother: You should have told me from the start.


Sister:  Told you what, before, dear brother?

Brother: You get your cravings from our mother.


Sister: You didn’t want to keep our prize?

Brother: Of course I do, my dear.

Sister:  What’s wrong with keeping hearts and eyes?

Brother: They’ll spoil soon, I fear.


Sister: Then keep the muscles, flesh, and bone.

Brother: But what about the skin?

Sister: We’ll turn it into ice cream cones!

Brother: As decadent as sin.


Sister: Okay, okay! My jar is full.

Brother: I hear the parents coming.

Sister: Come on, let’s go! Let’s run away.

Brother: The mess we’ve made is stunning.


Sister:  Our harvest was a great success!

Brother: We’ll have hot meals for weeks.

Sister: I hate to think we left a mess.

Brother: We left that room pristine.


Sister: Pristine, you say? Now that’s a stretch.

Brother: (chuckle) I joke with you, my dear.

Sister: What matters most? We got to play!

Brother: We left that house in fear.

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