Brother Dear, Sister Dear: First Day of School (CREEPYPASTA)

By MissShadowLovely (2012)

Sister:  Brother dear! I’m home from school!

Brother: Tell me, were the children cruel?


Sister: They were cruel, but I was crueler.

Brother: You’re not the average middle schooler.


Sister: Brother, I love all my classes!

Brother: I see that you’ve acquired… glasses?


Sister: Silly brother, these aren’t mine!

Brother: I’ll bet you’re add them to your shrine.


Sister: I got them from my secret crush~

Brother: He gave them to you freely?

Sister: Well… not exactly, brother dear.

Brother: (laugh) Is his heart still beating?


Sister: Well… Yes or no; it’s hard to say.

Brother: Oh dear. What do you mean?

Sister: You see, I had to silence him!

Brother: My dear, you made him scream?


Sister: He caught me stealing bits of hair…

Brother: Oh no… where is he now?

Sister: I put him underneath the stairs!

Brother: I think we should go down…
Sister: See, there he is! He’s conscious now.

Brother: You gagged and bound him nicely.


Sister: The teachers never saw him leave.

Brother: His mistake will soon be pricey.


Sister: Brother, can I keep him here?

Brother: You’ll have to clean him up.

Sister: I’ll do it brother, never fear!

Brother: I see his throat is cut..


Sister: Well… you see… the screams were loud!

Brother: …a tad unorthodox.

Sister: There had to be a way, somehow!

Brother: You slashed his vocal box!


Sister: I don’t know if he’s alive…

Brother: I’d say that I don’t know.

Sister: I’d really hoped that he’d survive.

Brother: His eyes have lost their glow.


Sister: Well, darn! I wanted him to live!

Brother: I doubt he would have made it.

Sister: But I had so much love to give!

Brother: It’s doubtful he could take it.


Sister: I guess I’ll keep him this way, now.

Brother: Inject a serum in his brow.


Sister: This will keep him young for good!

Brother: Now that he’s dead, it *really* should.


Sister: Take out the organs for me, please!

Brother: You always make a mess.

Sister: I get the fluid on my sleeves!

Brother: And  blood gets on your dress.


Sister:  When we’re done, we’ll sew him up!

Brother: We’ll stuff him full of rags.

Sister: I’d say the body’s fresh enough…

Brother: We’ll have ourselves a snack.


Sister: My sweetest crush, you’re perfect now!

Brother: He’ll never run away.

Sister: As innocent as fate allows.

Brother: Your heart can never break.

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