Brother Dear, Sister Dear: Slumber Party (CREEPYPASTA)

by MissShadowLovely (2012)

Brother:  Sister, dear… are they awake?

Sister: Of course they are, for goodness sake!


Brother:  It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Sister: Brother… it’s a slumber party!


Brother: Yes, I know. But I digress…

Sister: I’m getting restless, I confess.


Brother: Ready now, to start the fun?

Sister: I know I’m not the only one!


Brother: Sister, which should we kill first?

Sister: Oh, I don’t know… which one’s the worst?


Brother:  The little blonde one whines a lot.

Sister: I’ll tie her vocal chords in knots.


Brother: And what about this redhead, here?

Sister: We’ll dice her up, oh brother dear!


Brother:  Her hair could make a fine knit shawl.

Sister: Be quiet or you’ll wake them all!


Brother:  Come now, dear sister; lighten up.

Sister: I’ll have some fun here, soon enough.


Brother: This is your party, after all.

Sister: Our heart collection’s getting small…


Brother: These hearts are tiny, but they’ll work.

Sister: I’ll slice them out and give a smirk.


Brother:  Now there’s the sister that I love!

Sister: I got some membrane on my glove!


Brother:  (chuckle) Silly sister, it will wash!

Sister: There is no need to laugh or scoff..


Brother: I do not scoff, my sister dear.

Sister: Our job is bringing death and fear.


Brother:  I know it is, but all the same…

Sister: I know, to you, it’s just a game.


Brother:  I know the same is true for you.

Sister: I dearly miss our finger stew!


Brother:  Well then, my dear… let’s get to work!

Sister: Be sure to hit them where it hurts.


Brother:  Oh sister, now you’ve got it right.

Sister: We’ll eat their eyeballs, in plain sight.


Brother: With skin like this… we’ll eat for days!

Sister: I’m glad I’ve earned my brother’s praise.


Brother: Of course you have. I love you so.

Sister: We wouldn’t want the world to know.


Brother: Look now at how the tall one bleeds.

Sister: I’ll eat her nails like pumpkin seeds!


Brother: Our handiwork has left a mess.
Sister: My party was a great success!

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