Brother Dear, Sister Dear: Playground (CREEPYPASTA)

By MissShadowLovely (2013)

Sister: Brother dear, today’s the day!

Brother: Why, sister dear.. what’s that you say?


Sister: You promised me… that we’d go out!

Brother: What’s this you’re going on about?


Sister: To play with other girls and boys…

Brother: But sister dear; they’re not your toys.


Sister: No silly brother, at the park.

Brother: But sister dear, it’s getting dark.


Sister: Oh course, my dear. That time’s the best.

Brother: They’ll all be going home to rest.


Sister: That’s when I’d like to join the fun.

Brother: In the dark….they’ll have to run.


Sister: I’m the best at hide and seek!

Brother: Along the monkey bars you’ll creep.


Sister: And when I catch them… (giggle) I can’t wait!

Brother: Such a young and gruesome fate.


Sister: If I’m lucky, they’ll be slow.

Brother: All it takes is one swift blow.


Sister: Tumbling down the see-saw blade.

Brother: We’ll see if any take the bait.


Sister: One or two; I’ll leave for last.

Brother: Kill them slow, or kill them fast?


Sister: Well, brother dear… that all depends.

Brother: Whether or not they’re both your friends?


Sister: If they’re my friends, I’ll kill them first.

Brother: And treat the snobby brats the worst.


Sister: I’ll make them suffer, sob, and bleed.

Brother: Lest ignorance should further breed.


Sister: I’ll choke them; hang them from the slide.

Brother: Against their skin, my blade will glide.


Sister: Don’t bleed them out, dear. That’s no fun.

Brother: (scoffs) I guess you’d rather use the gun?


Sister: The nail gun, brother? Why use that?

Brother: It gives that satisfying splat.


Sister: No no, my dear, we can’t be hasty.

Brother: The metal makes the flesh more tasty.


Sister: Well, that may be, but all the same…

Brother: I know, I know, I’ll play your game.


Sister: I can’t wait to hear them screaming!

Brother: You’re so cute when you’re day-dreaming.


Sister: If we hurry, they’ll be there!

Brother: To lose our victims won’t be fair.


Sister: I’ll get my shoes, my coat, and hat.

Brother: I’ll bring my handy baseball bat.


Sister: I can’t wait Brother!

Brother: We’re on our way.

Sister: We get to hear them scream today. *giggle*

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