Brother Dear, Sister Dear: First Date (CREEPYPASTA)

by MissShadowLovely (2014)

Brother: Sister dear, please come downstairs.
Sister: What does my brother have to share?

Brother:  I have a guest I hoped you’d meet.
Sister: I’m sure they’ll sweep me off my feet.

Brother: This is Jill, my sweetheart fair.
Sister: Oh my! What gorgeous flowing hair.

Brother: I’m fond of blonde ones, can’t you tell?
Sister: I know you brother, all too well.

Brother: She’s sweet, and smart, and quiet too!
Sister: With skin of white and eyes of blue?

Brother: Of course, my dear; and they’re not far.
Sister: In the basement, in a jar?

Brother: Where else, my darling sister dear?
Sister: I’m glad you brought another, here!

Brother: You told me I should date again.
Sister: I know! I love your new girlfriend.

Brother: They never struggle. Not a one.
Sister: But that’s what makes it extra fun!

Brother: They’re never scared. I gain their trust.
Sister: To keep them guessing is a must.

Brother: I bring them flowers, candies, gifts…
Sister: It’s fun to watch their spirits lift.

Brother: And watch them drop as they take note…
Sister: Of sharpened blades upon their throat.

Brother: A puncture here, a sever there.
Sister: And soon they’re bleeding everywhere!

Brother: There’s not much meat for us to gather.
Sister: Think of it as hunting, rather.

Brother: But, hunters go for larger game…
Sister: The hunt is fun, dear; all the same.

Brother: Most of them are skin and bones.
Sister: With both of them we’ll build our thrones.

Brother: Don’t you worry, we’ll have meat.
Sister: We caught our prey, so we could eat.

Brother: This is true, but I digress…
Sister: What did you do to this one’s dress?

Brother: The dress, you say? You mean the skin?
Sister: No, silly boy. The clothes she’s in!

Brother: I used the fabric as a noose.
Sister: You hung her dear? Did she get loose?

Brother: No, no… dear sister. Do not fret.
Sister: Please don’t leave me with regret.

Brother: I used the noose to kill prey two.
Sister: You failed to say the prey count grew…

Brother: You see, my dear… her father’s strict.
Sister: Aha! I see. Twas he you picked?

Brother: He wanted just to tag along.
Sister: He surely knows that’s awfully wrong.

Brother: To protect his precious baby girl..
Sister: I’m sure to him; she’s his whole world.

Brother: Now they’re together; safe and sound.
Sister: We’ll bury both beneath the ground.

Brother: What’s left of them, it’s safe to say…
Sister: We’ll keep their organs locked away.

Brother: She had the looks, but lacked the sense.
Sister: Oh well. At least we’re both content.

Brother: It’s such a pity things went south.
Sister: A shame your first date won’t work out.

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