Brother Dear, Sister Dear: Spring Break (CREEPYPASTA)

by MissShadowLovely (2015)

Sister: Brother dear, the time has come!

Brother: What’s that, my dear? The week’s begun?

Brother: Oh yes, it must have slipped my mind.

Sister: Hurry or be left behind!

Brother: Where shall we go, what shall we do?

Sister: On day one, we’ll see the zoo!

Brother: The zoo? Why there? What’s there to see?

Sister: The toys and treats for you and me.

Brother: Toys and treats? You mean the kids?

Sister: They won’t suspect, but wish they did.

Brother: We’ll snatch them as they stare in awe?

Sister: It won’t be animals; they saw.

Brother: Indeed, day one sounds great to me.

Sister: Day two is better, so you’ll see.

Brother: Day two, you say? Where shall we go?

Sister: Day two we’ll see the beach. You know.

Brother: What’s there to do? Who will we meet?

Sister: The sun and sand make it complete.

Brother: I’ll snatch them up, while they are playing.

Sister: Screams hidden by the ocean spraying.

Brother: Day two sounds great, so now, day three?

Sister: That day will be the best, you’ll see.

Brother: Oh my, it sounds like quite the plan.

Sister: That day will certainly be grand.

Brother: Where do our day three travels fall?

Sister: On day three we explore the mall.

Brother: The food court should prove quite the prize.

Sister: We’ll soon see terror in their eyes.

Brother: That’s quite the schedule, is there more?

Sister: Of course, my dear. We’re on day four.

Brother: Day four arrives, where shall we go?

Sister: We’ll see the motion picture show.

Brother: The movies theater? By the park?

Sister: It’s best for hunting in the dark.

Brother: We’ll grab them while they watch the show.

Sister: They’ll have no place to run or go.

Brother: Will we let anyone survive?

Sister: I don’t suppose they’ll see day five.

Brother: Day five, oh my, and that’s the end?

Sister: It’s the last day for us to spend.

Brother: I say we spend it at the lake.

Sister: What better way to end spring break?

Brother: The perfect place to hide the bodies.

Sister: On our spring break, we’ll be quite naughty.

Brother: They’re out of school, but they’re not free.

Sister: And that’s all thanks to you and me.

Brother: I’m glad we’ve had this week to spend.

Sister: Our killing spree will never end.

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