By MissShadowLovely (2012)

Heh. I’m not sure why you’re here.
Or what you’re expecting. But, to be honest, I’m glad someone is listening.
I tend to ramble on and on about things that don’t make sense to the people who don’t stop and think about them.
I guess you could consider this a confession.
A deep outpouring of the darkest depravity inside of each and every one of us.
The debilitating need to belong.
Deep down inside, every action we take is based off of the perceived reaction of others.
We may act as a society of individuals. Beings that don’t rely on the acceptances of other beings.
But we do care.
We are vain, terrible, violent creatures by nature.
Given the opportunity, we would gladly rise above our fellow human.
If faced with a dilemma in which we, as a person, could greatly benefit at the misfortune of another; almost without hesitation our deepest subconscious would tell us to succeed.
Survival of the fittest is more than just a witty saying. It’s basic instinct.
Vanity is the fuel of nature. We crave to be complimented. We crave to be better than others. We crave to be the fittest.
Deep down, we would stop at nothing to do so.
Think about it.
Why does no one know the meaning of life?
Because no one has ever truly lived a fulfilled one.
I mean, at what point do you reach the top? Stand out, above all the rest?
At what point, have you cut enough throats that you literally can not be climb any higher?
At what point are you the fittest?
You’re never the fittest.
No one is.
No one will ever reach that point, because no matter how far you make it up the social pyramid, there is no one at the top to surpass.
We are all salmon, swimming upstream towards a goal. Death.
I suppose one could argue that the purpose in life is the journey of life itself – but our basic human statues beg to differ. A fulfilled life is one that is spent at the top of the food chain. Or at least, trying to get there.
That is what we are taught by our surroundings.
We are taught to cut down and incapacitate everyone around us. To cut their journeys short of our own, so that we may rise over the fallen.
So tell me, how far are we allowed to go, in this journey?
When do we reach the top?
When are we the fittest?

Three down…
How much further do I have to go?

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