Bath Bomb

by Miss Shadow Lovely (2017)

As a beauty blogger, I’m definitely what you’d consider an avid cosmetics user. You name it, I’ve got it. Probably many different name brands of it. And… while I do occasionally snag a sponsorship for promoting a product on my blog now and then; it can be a bit of a costly obsession. Anyone who has purchased their fair share of makeup or bath & body products for themselves, girlfriends, mothers, sisters, or friends will surely empathize with the struggle of the some times ridiculous prices. So, when it comes to finding a great deal on some of my favorite brands and products, I’m always on the lookout.

But, this is going to be a cautionary tale. Never sacrifice quality for cost when it comes to beauty products, and here’s why… Now, even though makeup reviews are my specialty, my true weakness are bath and skin care products. I’ve always prided myself on having silky smooth skin from head to toe; mostly thanks to a consistent regimen of exfoliating, moisturizing, and lots of regular warm baths. For me, there was nothing more relaxing than a nice soak in a bath with a body oil, bubble bar, or my personal favorite; a bath bomb.

Bath bombs were always a consistent favorite of mine. I love the variety of colors, shapes, fragrances, and textures. But, if you’ve ever purchased a bath bomb at the mall or specialty store, you understand when I say that they are definitely a “splurge” item. At anywhere from $5-15 per bath bomb, people will frequently look to websites such as Etsy to find cheaper bundles of homemade bath bombs. But, in my experience, the homemade bath bombs from sites like Etsy are more affordable; but lacking in most of the essential oils and ingredients that supply the added benefits that I’m looking for in a bath bomb.

They’re nice for when you just want to have a cutely colored or sweetly scented warm soak, but for a skin routine like mine… They’re just rarely worth it. I’d rather just shell out the extra cash for my little indulgence. So, you can imagine my excitement when I received an e-mail from one of my blog’s readers, informing me about a listing on a popular e-commerce auction site for a case of bath bombs from my favorite retailer; being sold at a wholesale price.

I know what you’re probably thinking. That seems too good to be true, right? Strangely enough, it’s actually quite a common occurrence. For a variety of reasons, usually around the holidays or maybe a store promotion, franchise owners for this particular retailer will often order an overstock of popular items like these to prepare for the risen demand. When the promotions don’t do as well as the franchisee has hoped, they’ll try to at least make their investment back by selling the merchandise at wholesale prices online.

I followed the link to the auction listing provided in the email and was astounded at the price of the offer. A dozen of one of my favorite bath bombs; for 20% less than wholesale cost! Now, “Surely,” I thought to myself, “there HAS to be a catch…”

I closely scanned the item description, meticulously trying to uncover the reason for such an outrageously good deal. After carefully reviewing over and over, the only flaw I could find to attribute to the product was ‘damaged packaging’. Score. Online warehouses or web stores will often hide hidden gems like this listing. ‘Less than perfect’ packaging means that there is a chance that the seller will not be able to sell the product for wholesale value without a negative seller review from the customer who receives it. Fortunately, a lot of online sellers aren’t willing to risk the a negative review in an era where product reviews shape the opinions of the average consumer.

I’ve had lucky finds like this one in the past. I once got a brand new Blu-Ray player for under $100 because of a hole in the manufacturer packaging. Finding listings like these are a game of chance and timing, and at the time… I thought I had found a steal. Of course, another common issue that you’ll often find with amazing online prices is the fact that they’ll likely be shipped from a country across the globe. Which means that unless you’re willing to shell out a bunch of money for expedited shipping and handling, you’ll likely be waiting up to a month for your purchase to arrive.

Sure enough, the product’s location was in West India. The estimated delivery date was 3 and a half weeks. It was a bummer that I’d have to wait so long, but the cost of expedited shipping was almost as much as the product itself, and I didn’t want to sabotage such a great deal. If I wanted to pay that much money, I would have just gone to a local outlet of the same retailer and bought them in person. I begrudgingly accepted the delivery estimate and placed the order.

A few weeks later, I came home from work to find the package waiting for me at my front door. Perfect timing, as I was just coming home from a brutally stressful day in the world of customer service. I couldn’t wait to tear open into my package and run myself a long overdue warm bath.

I turned on the faucet and waited for the water to finish filling the bathtub, all the while admiring my cute little treasures. No signs of damage to the actual bath bombs themselves, just a hole in bottom of the package; just as the listing had described. I saw a big of degradation to the bath bombs, which I chalked up to being the result of their shelf life. I imagined that since these were so discounted, that they must have been the result of a dramatic overstock from a failed store promotion.

Finally, the water was almost to the desired depth, and I poured a little bit of foaming bath oil into the tub before tossing in my bath bomb. That day had been particularly stressful, and I decided that a simple bath bomb want enough. I wanted bubbles, too. Large fluffy clouds of suds soon piled high across the surface of the water and I tossed my bath bomb in.

I could hear the familiar fizzing sound that I’d come to love, and climbed into the tub. Immediately, I could smell the rich essential oils and fragrances surrounding me as I closed my eyes and let my body sink below the bubble covered water. Everything was perfect, for the moment… until… suddenly, my arms and legs started to sting terribly. Then, my abdomen. My entire body felt like it was on fire.

I quickly jumped out of the tub, covered in soapy foam; my skin burning and beginning to itch like nothing that I’d ever felt before. That familiar fizzing sound seemed to follow me out of the tub as I frantically ran to the sink and started to splash handfuls of water all over my body to wash away the suds.

What I saw terrified me. My entire body from the neck down, was covered in small black holes on the surface of my skin. The flesh surrounding those holes was red and horribly inflamed. I panicked and began shrieking, falling backwards to my bathroom floor. Upon closer inspection, I confirmed my worst fear. The holes were actually moving. I gagged upon the discovery that every single small hole was, in fact, an insect burrowing into my skin.

I grabbed my cell phone to call 911, passing out shortly after from a combination of shock and disgust. When I woke up a few hours later in the hospital, my entire body was wrapped in bandages. I didn’t even want to know what was beneath them. My stomach turned at the thought of the thousands moving little holes that I had seen shortly before losing consciousness.

A nurse came in to tend to me a while later, doctor in tow. He informed me that upon finding me on the bathroom floor; one of the paramedics had inadvertently stepped on a bath bomb, crushing it to pieces. When they saw movement coming from the crushed bath bomb, they grabbed the box of them and brought it to the hospital to help them identity the cause of my current state.

Upon further inspection, it was discovered the bath bombs were infested with a horrid species of skin burrowing insect indigenous to West India known as the Chigoe Flea. I don’t recommend Googling it, so I’ll summarize them for you. Chigoe fleas burrow into the flesh of living creatures to lay their eggs inside of the host’s tissue. Before that even happens, the process of burrowing into the skin causes severe irritation and intense pain caused by enzymes used by the insect to break down flesh.

After explaining to the doctor where I had acquired the bath bombs from, he speculated that the insects may have found their way into the packaging via the hole in the box. He advised that they likely burrowed into the bath bombs due to the scent of a familiar plant oil or the texture of the bombs themselves.

So, here I lay in this hospital bed. The doctor just left about an hour ago, so I had some time to kill and I thought I’d type this up. Thank you for taking the time to read my review of this product. I’d give it these bath bombs a 2/10; definitely not for sensitive skin types like mine.


by Miss Shadow Lovely (2012)

Why, hello there.
Do you know who I am?
Ha, of course you do. Well, subconsciously, you do.
You just choose to deny it, but you know who I am.
In fact, you’re aware of me right now. You just choose to pretend I’m not there.
Ignorance is bliss, right?

I’m the shadow in the room that appears darker than the others.
It’s not your imagination.

I’m the figure you see out of the corner of your eye, that’s never really there.
Just turn around.

I’m the eyes behind that feeling you get of constantly being watched.
I never stop watching you.

I’m the presence you feel when you’re completely alone.
You’re never alone.

I’m the image that you never notice on the back of your photographs,
Standing right behind you.

I’m the one who is always just outside your direct line of sight.
Well, consider yourself lucky, because every time you see me,
I get a little closer.

You’re Not Scared, Right? (CREEPYPASTA)

by MissShadowLovely (2010)

You are lying in your bed, the dull whirring of your air conditioner is the only thing separating you from total silence.

You know. That particular silence that is so heavy, and so thick, it’s almost the equivalent of a loud noise itself. The kind of silence where you could hear a pin drop three rooms away. The kind of silence that fills your ears with the sound of your own heartbeat as your head presses against your pillow. That kind of silence.

The dull whirring is the only noise you can hear. A noise that typically goes unnoticed, until it is the only noise present. It’s comforting, whether you realize it or not. A sort of white noise. But suddenly, your room is back at the temperature specified on the thermostat, and the whirring comes to a stop; the vent making a dull clang. To your misfortune; you are not yet asleep, and the silence sets in.

You should be comforted by the knowledge that you could hear anything and everything in your surroundings; making up for the lack of vision provided by the darkness. But you aren’t. It’s this very environment that sets you on edge, causes your heart to beat a bit faster, makes your body tense without explanation, and that makes you aware when you are not alone.

But you are alone right? You’ve been lying there with your eyes closed for almost 15 minutes now, and you made sure everything was normal in your room before you turned off the light. You’re a smart one. All those Facebook quizzes you taken have just reinforced what you already know; if you were in a horror movie, you’d survive until the end. You’ve even made a carefully laid plan of what you would do in any of the situations you’ve read about on NoSleep or But that stuff is just fictional nonsense anyway, right?

You aren’t scared. Or at least, that’s what you keep telling yourself.

But wait…what was that? Was that the rustling of fabric? But, you didn’t shift in your bed, or make any movement, did you? Did you make that noise? No, you couldn’t have. You’re paralyzed your bed; stiff with an unease that was not present until these very moments. You must have imagined it…you must have.

You roll over to face the wall. Out of sight, out of mind. If there’s something in the room with you, it will just have to accept that you are much too tired to deal with it at the moment. You’re still stricken with uneasiness as you hear rustling again. This time, the rustling is accompanied by a soft thud on the ground.

Your heart seizes in your chest…did you really just hear that? No no, you’ve just gotten yourself worked up about nothing. You really should stop playing horror survival games so late at night; it’s messing with your brain. You’re a rational person. Stop acting so childish and just fall asleep already.

You close your eyes tightly, silently hoping that sleep would whisk you away soon. You’re practically begging for the safety of the nonexistent dreamworld of your own creation. You’re running away in a sense; but there’s nothing there…right? You’re just tired. I know, I know.

As your eyes are clinched tightly shut, you suddenly become aware that no matter how much you want to; you can no longer move your arms and legs. Come on now, are you really letting this get to you? What’s wrong with you? Suck it up and fall asleep already.

Now, more tense than ever… that unnerving sound echoes across the room again. The rustling of fabric, followed by a soft thud on the ground. Unwittingly, you’re holding your breath now; eyes shut as tightly as possible. You have childish urge to pull the blanket over your head. You’re imagining it all! It’s all in your mind. I thought you were better than this.

You heart is pounding loudly in your ears now. But not loudly enough to drown out the now repetitive sound approaching from across the room. What is that rustling!? Maybe you left some paper on the ground. That has to be it! And that thumping? Probably the cat, or the dog, or something. They probably ran in when you weren’t looking before you closed your door. Yeah, you’re just being paranoid.

The noise is now within a foot of your bed, and with your back to it, you don’t dare turn around to investigate. Not that it’d do much good; the only light in your room is the dull glow of your cell phone on the nightstand next to you. You plugged it in before crawled into bed remember? But you don’t dare turn around and look; there’s nothing there anyway.

Minutes that feel like hours pass as you face your wall; stiff as a board, unable to will your uncooperative body to move. You haven’t heard the noises in a while now. Not since it reached the edge of your bed. You know there’s nothing there. It’s this silence. It’s messing with you. You really should have turned on some music or something before you went to bed. Oh well, maybe next time.

Suddenly, a familiar clang echoes through the room, followed by that familiar whirring. You exhale deeply, your body relaxing as you are flooded with relief. Thank God that’s over. Now you can finally sleep in peace. That silence was really getting to you.

You roll over and open your eyes to check the time on your lit cell phone, it must have been at least an hour since you first went to bed.

You are greeted face to face with his ear to ear grin. Dimly lit sockets where eyes once resided stare intently at you.

Á̛̝̮̌̄̾̔̉͒h̛̺̱̮̝̋̓͗̆̄͊͊̿͐.̛̭̼̫̣̺̮̻̩̆̆̉̏͆̐̾̀͘ͅ. I̛̦͖̩͙̝̙͇͛̈́̀̓̏̎͡ s̠̼̻͎̜̓̃̚͘͟͝e͔͓̼͍͚̓̐̈́͂͑͐͛̎ë̸̜̲̗̲͔̤̠́̅͌̀̑̄̀́̑̚ y̵̯̱̘̲̰̟͂̓͆̈́͆̊͟͟ǫ̢͈̘͔̿̔͛̽̍̐ử̩̲̺̟̘̜̙̩͎͌̕͟͝’̨͍̤̮̝̣̝̜̽̆̃̽̾͋̚r̖͕̲̐̃̔̀̐͊́̈́̈͟͡e̐͋̊̔͂̓̐̀̈ s̸̨̞̟͍̯̍̿̐͘̕ţ̮̥͓̬͕͓͇̽́͊̒̍̋̎i͞l͋̀̀̋̐̈̒̈́̓͠l̮̬͋͗͐͛̄͡͞ â̬͖̣̐̃͂͊͌̍͌͝w̧̲̤̰̤̠̠͐͗̈͛̄̋̓̑͆͐ä̢̪̤̘̲͈́͊̓̒̕̚͢ǩ̖̻̯͍͙̀̍̀̕͜ḛ̪͙͇͕͖͚̎̊̓̽̒̀͟͡.͉̻̻͎̥̤̌̏̽̈̋̚͜͡

Brother Dear, Sister Dear: Spring Break (CREEPYPASTA)

by MissShadowLovely (2015)

Sister: Brother dear, the time has come!

Brother: What’s that, my dear? The week’s begun?

Brother: Oh yes, it must have slipped my mind.

Sister: Hurry or be left behind!

Brother: Where shall we go, what shall we do?

Sister: On day one, we’ll see the zoo!

Brother: The zoo? Why there? What’s there to see?

Sister: The toys and treats for you and me.

Brother: Toys and treats? You mean the kids?

Sister: They won’t suspect, but wish they did.

Brother: We’ll snatch them as they stare in awe?

Sister: It won’t be animals; they saw.

Brother: Indeed, day one sounds great to me.

Sister: Day two is better, so you’ll see.

Brother: Day two, you say? Where shall we go?

Sister: Day two we’ll see the beach. You know.

Brother: What’s there to do? Who will we meet?

Sister: The sun and sand make it complete.

Brother: I’ll snatch them up, while they are playing.

Sister: Screams hidden by the ocean spraying.

Brother: Day two sounds great, so now, day three?

Sister: That day will be the best, you’ll see.

Brother: Oh my, it sounds like quite the plan.

Sister: That day will certainly be grand.

Brother: Where do our day three travels fall?

Sister: On day three we explore the mall.

Brother: The food court should prove quite the prize.

Sister: We’ll soon see terror in their eyes.

Brother: That’s quite the schedule, is there more?

Sister: Of course, my dear. We’re on day four.

Brother: Day four arrives, where shall we go?

Sister: We’ll see the motion picture show.

Brother: The movies theater? By the park?

Sister: It’s best for hunting in the dark.

Brother: We’ll grab them while they watch the show.

Sister: They’ll have no place to run or go.

Brother: Will we let anyone survive?

Sister: I don’t suppose they’ll see day five.

Brother: Day five, oh my, and that’s the end?

Sister: It’s the last day for us to spend.

Brother: I say we spend it at the lake.

Sister: What better way to end spring break?

Brother: The perfect place to hide the bodies.

Sister: On our spring break, we’ll be quite naughty.

Brother: They’re out of school, but they’re not free.

Sister: And that’s all thanks to you and me.

Brother: I’m glad we’ve had this week to spend.

Sister: Our killing spree will never end.

Brother Dear, Sister Dear: First Date (CREEPYPASTA)

by MissShadowLovely (2014)

Brother: Sister dear, please come downstairs.
Sister: What does my brother have to share?

Brother:  I have a guest I hoped you’d meet.
Sister: I’m sure they’ll sweep me off my feet.

Brother: This is Jill, my sweetheart fair.
Sister: Oh my! What gorgeous flowing hair.

Brother: I’m fond of blonde ones, can’t you tell?
Sister: I know you brother, all too well.

Brother: She’s sweet, and smart, and quiet too!
Sister: With skin of white and eyes of blue?

Brother: Of course, my dear; and they’re not far.
Sister: In the basement, in a jar?

Brother: Where else, my darling sister dear?
Sister: I’m glad you brought another, here!

Brother: You told me I should date again.
Sister: I know! I love your new girlfriend.

Brother: They never struggle. Not a one.
Sister: But that’s what makes it extra fun!

Brother: They’re never scared. I gain their trust.
Sister: To keep them guessing is a must.

Brother: I bring them flowers, candies, gifts…
Sister: It’s fun to watch their spirits lift.

Brother: And watch them drop as they take note…
Sister: Of sharpened blades upon their throat.

Brother: A puncture here, a sever there.
Sister: And soon they’re bleeding everywhere!

Brother: There’s not much meat for us to gather.
Sister: Think of it as hunting, rather.

Brother: But, hunters go for larger game…
Sister: The hunt is fun, dear; all the same.

Brother: Most of them are skin and bones.
Sister: With both of them we’ll build our thrones.

Brother: Don’t you worry, we’ll have meat.
Sister: We caught our prey, so we could eat.

Brother: This is true, but I digress…
Sister: What did you do to this one’s dress?

Brother: The dress, you say? You mean the skin?
Sister: No, silly boy. The clothes she’s in!

Brother: I used the fabric as a noose.
Sister: You hung her dear? Did she get loose?

Brother: No, no… dear sister. Do not fret.
Sister: Please don’t leave me with regret.

Brother: I used the noose to kill prey two.
Sister: You failed to say the prey count grew…

Brother: You see, my dear… her father’s strict.
Sister: Aha! I see. Twas he you picked?

Brother: He wanted just to tag along.
Sister: He surely knows that’s awfully wrong.

Brother: To protect his precious baby girl..
Sister: I’m sure to him; she’s his whole world.

Brother: Now they’re together; safe and sound.
Sister: We’ll bury both beneath the ground.

Brother: What’s left of them, it’s safe to say…
Sister: We’ll keep their organs locked away.

Brother: She had the looks, but lacked the sense.
Sister: Oh well. At least we’re both content.

Brother: It’s such a pity things went south.
Sister: A shame your first date won’t work out.

Brother Dear, Sister Dear: Playground (CREEPYPASTA)

By MissShadowLovely (2013)

Sister: Brother dear, today’s the day!

Brother: Why, sister dear.. what’s that you say?


Sister: You promised me… that we’d go out!

Brother: What’s this you’re going on about?


Sister: To play with other girls and boys…

Brother: But sister dear; they’re not your toys.


Sister: No silly brother, at the park.

Brother: But sister dear, it’s getting dark.


Sister: Oh course, my dear. That time’s the best.

Brother: They’ll all be going home to rest.


Sister: That’s when I’d like to join the fun.

Brother: In the dark….they’ll have to run.


Sister: I’m the best at hide and seek!

Brother: Along the monkey bars you’ll creep.


Sister: And when I catch them… (giggle) I can’t wait!

Brother: Such a young and gruesome fate.


Sister: If I’m lucky, they’ll be slow.

Brother: All it takes is one swift blow.


Sister: Tumbling down the see-saw blade.

Brother: We’ll see if any take the bait.


Sister: One or two; I’ll leave for last.

Brother: Kill them slow, or kill them fast?


Sister: Well, brother dear… that all depends.

Brother: Whether or not they’re both your friends?


Sister: If they’re my friends, I’ll kill them first.

Brother: And treat the snobby brats the worst.


Sister: I’ll make them suffer, sob, and bleed.

Brother: Lest ignorance should further breed.


Sister: I’ll choke them; hang them from the slide.

Brother: Against their skin, my blade will glide.


Sister: Don’t bleed them out, dear. That’s no fun.

Brother: (scoffs) I guess you’d rather use the gun?


Sister: The nail gun, brother? Why use that?

Brother: It gives that satisfying splat.


Sister: No no, my dear, we can’t be hasty.

Brother: The metal makes the flesh more tasty.


Sister: Well, that may be, but all the same…

Brother: I know, I know, I’ll play your game.


Sister: I can’t wait to hear them screaming!

Brother: You’re so cute when you’re day-dreaming.


Sister: If we hurry, they’ll be there!

Brother: To lose our victims won’t be fair.


Sister: I’ll get my shoes, my coat, and hat.

Brother: I’ll bring my handy baseball bat.


Sister: I can’t wait Brother!

Brother: We’re on our way.

Sister: We get to hear them scream today. *giggle*

Brother Dear, Sister Dear: Slumber Party (CREEPYPASTA)

by MissShadowLovely (2012)

Brother:  Sister, dear… are they awake?

Sister: Of course they are, for goodness sake!


Brother:  It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Sister: Brother… it’s a slumber party!


Brother: Yes, I know. But I digress…

Sister: I’m getting restless, I confess.


Brother: Ready now, to start the fun?

Sister: I know I’m not the only one!


Brother: Sister, which should we kill first?

Sister: Oh, I don’t know… which one’s the worst?


Brother:  The little blonde one whines a lot.

Sister: I’ll tie her vocal chords in knots.


Brother: And what about this redhead, here?

Sister: We’ll dice her up, oh brother dear!


Brother:  Her hair could make a fine knit shawl.

Sister: Be quiet or you’ll wake them all!


Brother:  Come now, dear sister; lighten up.

Sister: I’ll have some fun here, soon enough.


Brother: This is your party, after all.

Sister: Our heart collection’s getting small…


Brother: These hearts are tiny, but they’ll work.

Sister: I’ll slice them out and give a smirk.


Brother:  Now there’s the sister that I love!

Sister: I got some membrane on my glove!


Brother:  (chuckle) Silly sister, it will wash!

Sister: There is no need to laugh or scoff..


Brother: I do not scoff, my sister dear.

Sister: Our job is bringing death and fear.


Brother:  I know it is, but all the same…

Sister: I know, to you, it’s just a game.


Brother:  I know the same is true for you.

Sister: I dearly miss our finger stew!


Brother:  Well then, my dear… let’s get to work!

Sister: Be sure to hit them where it hurts.


Brother:  Oh sister, now you’ve got it right.

Sister: We’ll eat their eyeballs, in plain sight.


Brother: With skin like this… we’ll eat for days!

Sister: I’m glad I’ve earned my brother’s praise.


Brother: Of course you have. I love you so.

Sister: We wouldn’t want the world to know.


Brother: Look now at how the tall one bleeds.

Sister: I’ll eat her nails like pumpkin seeds!


Brother: Our handiwork has left a mess.
Sister: My party was a great success!

Brother Dear, Sister Dear: First Day of School (CREEPYPASTA)

By MissShadowLovely (2012)

Sister:  Brother dear! I’m home from school!

Brother: Tell me, were the children cruel?


Sister: They were cruel, but I was crueler.

Brother: You’re not the average middle schooler.


Sister: Brother, I love all my classes!

Brother: I see that you’ve acquired… glasses?


Sister: Silly brother, these aren’t mine!

Brother: I’ll bet you’re add them to your shrine.


Sister: I got them from my secret crush~

Brother: He gave them to you freely?

Sister: Well… not exactly, brother dear.

Brother: (laugh) Is his heart still beating?


Sister: Well… Yes or no; it’s hard to say.

Brother: Oh dear. What do you mean?

Sister: You see, I had to silence him!

Brother: My dear, you made him scream?


Sister: He caught me stealing bits of hair…

Brother: Oh no… where is he now?

Sister: I put him underneath the stairs!

Brother: I think we should go down…
Sister: See, there he is! He’s conscious now.

Brother: You gagged and bound him nicely.


Sister: The teachers never saw him leave.

Brother: His mistake will soon be pricey.


Sister: Brother, can I keep him here?

Brother: You’ll have to clean him up.

Sister: I’ll do it brother, never fear!

Brother: I see his throat is cut..


Sister: Well… you see… the screams were loud!

Brother: …a tad unorthodox.

Sister: There had to be a way, somehow!

Brother: You slashed his vocal box!


Sister: I don’t know if he’s alive…

Brother: I’d say that I don’t know.

Sister: I’d really hoped that he’d survive.

Brother: His eyes have lost their glow.


Sister: Well, darn! I wanted him to live!

Brother: I doubt he would have made it.

Sister: But I had so much love to give!

Brother: It’s doubtful he could take it.


Sister: I guess I’ll keep him this way, now.

Brother: Inject a serum in his brow.


Sister: This will keep him young for good!

Brother: Now that he’s dead, it *really* should.


Sister: Take out the organs for me, please!

Brother: You always make a mess.

Sister: I get the fluid on my sleeves!

Brother: And  blood gets on your dress.


Sister:  When we’re done, we’ll sew him up!

Brother: We’ll stuff him full of rags.

Sister: I’d say the body’s fresh enough…

Brother: We’ll have ourselves a snack.


Sister: My sweetest crush, you’re perfect now!

Brother: He’ll never run away.

Sister: As innocent as fate allows.

Brother: Your heart can never break.